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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ranting at People I Don't Agree With

I am so overwhelmed by the amount and frequency with which the current crop of GOP Presidential Candidates is pissing me off, I just can't contain myself any longer. ESPECIALLY when my Dad made the Facebook concession that he is thinking of voting for Herman Cain. (I don't think I can go home for Christmas now.)
So, living in Texas and having a staunchly Republican father, I decided to break down exactly why each of the major GOP candidates is a stupid choice. (I tried to think of a better word that stupid.. but it just summed up the issue so well I couldn't bring myself to change it.)

So this week... I'll start with Herman Cain:

Hermain Cain brilliantly illustrates why the GOP's position on social issues make no sense. ahem: "NO big government! Let the American people decide what's best for them.. Do they need BIG brother government telling them how to live and spend thier money? NO! That is, unless it's something that doesn't align with my Christian Conservative voting base. THEN I want a constitutional amendment banning it and I want to use ALL the resources of the BIG Federal Government to make sure NO ONE participates in this unwanted social activity. What do you mean contradictory?"

The below video is from an interview with John Stossel. In it, Cain babbles through his defense of pro-life laws, continuing the war on drugs, and hating gays. All which seem to be pretty personal, non-government related decisions. These candidates, Cain in particular, are hypocrits. At least Cain isn't as scripted as some of the others. You'd never catch Newt saying something logical like "That's her choice."

Cain gained fame as a successful business man. He hasn't been involved with the pizza chain for more than a decade. He has been touring around the country giving motivational speeches and selling copies of his books, of which he has quite a few:
He is still giving paid speeches and has been pushing his latest book "This is Herman Cain!" at every opportunity. That doesn't seem like a guy who seriously wants to be President. That seems like an Opportunist who wants a TV show on the Fox News channel and a national audience for his speaking engagements.

Cain is not a serious candidate, but the GOP voters are taking him seriously. (Dad.) Why? Because he is refreshing! They are tired of listening to the same watered down crap come out of career politicians just like the rest of us. Why do you think Democrats elected Obama? Hillary was more qualified, but we're TIRED of qualified. We want change.

So in summary, Cain is popular because he is different. Ron Paul is also different, but too radical. He isn't willing to compromise his beliefs to be elected. But Cain is! Just enough so his crap can be swallowed by the willing.

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